Exporting Reports

WebReaver tasks can be exported in multiple document formats such as Plain Text, HTML, RTF/RTFD and DOC. Exportinga report is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

First, select the task for which you will export a report.

WebReaver tasks for exporting reports

Step 2

Click on File -> Export Report or Shift-Command (⌘)-E key combination. Select the destination folder and file name. The file name is particularly important because it hints the report format. For example if we enter report.html than the report will be a HTML document. In other words, the file extension indicates the report format. As such, .txt is for plain text, .htm or .html is for HTML, .rtf or .rtfd is for RTF/RTFD and .doc is for the Microsoft Word Document format.

WebReaver report save dialog

All done! Keep in mind that WebReaver reports are unstyled, giving you a quick and convenient way of applying your own styles.