Operating Areas

WebReaver has 3 distinct operation areas representing the various aspects of the scanner work-flow. Here they are in no particular order.

The Tasks

Tasks represent a scan in progress. A task can be paused/resumed and completely stopped. You can have multiple tasks with different parameters and target scopes. Switching between tasks updates the Issues and Messages screens in respect to the selected task.

WebReaver tasks screen

The Issues

The issues screen allows you to explore the vulnerabilities and other data. On the left-hand-side you will find the navigation tree made of items sorted by their severity rating. On the right-hand-side you will find the description view. Each vulnerability item has a description plus a section which allows you to explore the variants associated with the vulnerability.

WebReaver issues screen

The Messages

A task can generate various messages about its progress, such as discovered vulnerabilities, errors, etc. This information is kept inside the messages screen.

WebReaver messages screen