Starting A Scan

Starting is a straight forward process. Just follow these steps.

Step 1

Click on the Scan button in the toolbar or go to Window -> Scan from the application menu.

WebReaver main application screen

Step 2

Type the target URL to be tested.

WebReaver target selection

Step 3

Select the scanning flavour. You can choose between Generic and WordPress scans. The generic scan performs a general-purpose scan for common types of problems such as SQL Injection, Local File Includes, Cross-site Scripting, etc. The WordPress scan is more suitable for WordPress sites. You will get different results depending on the scanner flavour you choose.

WebReaver's generic or WordPress flavour selection

Step 4

The scan is now converted to a task. You can monitor the progress from the sidebar. Use the task buttons to pause/resume or completely stop the scan.

WebReaver's task progress indicator